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Calcite | Level 5


    I'm trying to install Base SAS on a Windows 7 Professional and the setup.exe and jre.exe processes close out mysteriously when the "splash" dialog appears for the installation process. I had selected a subset of my software order to download into the SAS Software Depot, basically everything included in the order but only for Windows/Windows x64 - thought that would be sufficient. It looks like the SAS Software Depot ships with it's own JRE version, so upgrading my Windows system-wide JRE isn't going to help.  


I'm wondering if there is anyway to troubleshoot this installation process via logging and/or if someone out there has experienced something similar? 




Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @wookiefurball


I think you are facing an old behaviour. I honestly have to say that last time I experienced it it was with SAS 9.3, but you might have something similar.


My suggestions:


1- first check if your depot is complete and no file is corrupted (0Kb) with the /SAS Software Depot/utilities/depotchecker utility.

2- I strongly suggest to try again the installation with no running antivirus, since it might block and quarantine some files.

3- If nothing of this works, you could contact SAS Technical Support or your SAS account manager, maybe you need a different version of a depot, but I personally doubt that. Anyway, they can help you really nicely.


I hope this can help you, please let us know how it goes!


Best regards,


SAS Employee




There are command line options for starting SAS Deployment Wizard.  Some are explained in this PDF:

SAS Deployment Wizard Users Guide One that should help you is -loglevel  2


If the Wizard still fails, and the debugging messages do not help, you may need a Tech Support Track. 


Andy Richter

(SAS Techical Support)



Calcite | Level 5

@Andy547, thanks a ton for that tip about the debug logging. Quick question about that - where is the debug log file actually saved to in Windows? 


The installation through the SAS Deployment Wizard appears to be working now. Go figure. Windows 10 auto installed a number of updates after the laptop I was on ran out of battery power and I rebooted. I did try the debug loglevel option at he command prompt, but I think the Windows updates had more to do with resolving this issue. 


Thanks for the help!

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