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Backup Manager failing

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Backup Manager failing



I am attempting to backup our SAS environment, but SAS Backup Manager is not working.

Whenever I try to run an ad-hoc backup, I get the following error:
Backup Manager Failed
An error occurred while trying to configure the backup server.
Status Code:672
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The log reads:
        at org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.TaskThread$
2017-02-10 00:23:03,673 [tomcat-http--121] ERROR [sasadm] -  Error Start|||  <BackupErrors><BackupError><BackupErrorEntry><errorHeader><errorCode>672</errorCode><errorImpact>None of the backup operations will be able to complete except sas-list-schedule.</errorImpact><errorClassification>ERROR</errorClassification><errorName>ERROR_CODE_BACKUP_SERVER_CONFIGURATION_FAILURE</errorName><errorCategory>GENERAL</errorCategory><errorSummary>The backup server configuration failed.</errorSummary><dateTimeOfError>2017-02-10T00_23_03</dateTimeOfError><logName>SASDeploymentBackup9.4.log</logName><logFileLocation>/u01/app/SASConf/Lev1/Web/Logs/SASServer1_1</logFileLocation><operationType>backup</operationType><errorOriginatingTier></errorOriginatingTier></errorHeader><errorBody><errorMessage>An error occurred while trying to configure the backup server.</errorMessage><stackTrace><![CDATA[Failed to configure backup server on host: Host: Configuration Directory: /u01/app/SASConf/Lev1]]></stackTrace><possibleCause>Not Available</possibleCause><originalMessage>Not Available</originalMessage><remedyMessage>Not Available</remedyMessage></errorBody></BackupErrorEntry><errorNotificationInformation><isUserNotified>false</isUserNotified><mailDetails><mailSubject>Not Available</mailSubject><mailToAddress>Not Available</mailToAddress><mailCCAddress>Not Available</mailCCAddress></mailDetails></errorNotificationInformation></BacupErrorEntry>
​This is running on the portal server (as it is running the Environment Manager), and the error is that it failed to configure the backup server on the metadata server. Both are completely open to one another from a networking perspective. I have not been able to get any other meaningful error messages or log entries. I have the Deployment Manager Agent running on both servers.
Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.
Thank you,
Judson B. Tunnell
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Re: Backup Manager failing

Hi Judson,


a few questions & thoughts:


First and most important: Did that ever work?

If yes, what changed?


To verify: the error occurs when you run an ad hoc backup from within SASMC?

(SASMC, Metadata Manager, Metadata Utilities, Server Backup, Backup Now)

If you do not run the backup from within SASMC but via batch/command line, then please

give the SASMC backup a try.


Next, go to Env Manager, log on as sasadm@saspw (or any unrestricted uid/admin id).

In Env Mgr, go to the Admin menu, go to Backup Manager. Can you get there?

Can you navigate around?


When SAS was installed/configured, was a vault location for the backup defined?

Are permissions set correctly on the vault location? (R/W)


If you are on Win, please verify that the Depl Agent is not running as Local System account.


Another thing we could check is:

SASMC - Application Management - Configuration Manager - SAS App Infrastructure:

right click on Backup Manage. Check the tabs and see if it is all ok (for example, internal connection or external,

settings etc). Its a long shot but worth a check


If the backup ever worked but now just stopped working, you could check whether the backup journal files

are updated properly.

One way to do so is to go to configuration-directory\Levn\Backup\backup.journal 

As a test, you could copy and save the journal files to another location, then rename the original ones in this folder

(please just make sure that you do have a copy of these files!)

Then try to run the backup again. If the journal files would be the culprit, the ad hoc backup should run without problem.


Hope this helps to do some troubleshooting.

Please let me know what you find out.

If this cannot be resolved, Tech Sup would be the next step. They can help you to further troubleshhoot,

such as web app/web ser logs etc.




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Re: Backup Manager failing

Hi Anja,


Thank you for your email.


We are not sure if it ever worked, we were leaving that for the end of our implementation.


Just prior to looking at the backups, I had patched the portal (which runs the environment manager) with a couple of the critical patches for SSL and Apache vulnerabilities.


The error occurs when we run ad-hoc backups from the command line. We can run the Backup Manager in the Envrionment manager, but a manual backup from there fails too. It also fails if we try to moify the schedule or add a new one.


When we installed, we did not define a vault location.


It the SASMC, the backup Metadata utility works fine.


We are in Linux.

When I go to Application Management, there is nothing there, no plugins at all.


I tried tricking it by removing the journal file, and it dutifully created a new one, but it did not help.


I escalated to SAS Technical Support, but they came back with so many questions that it will take me some time to answer them.


Again, much appreciated anja,


Judson B. Tunnell

University of Victoria

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Re: Backup Manager failing

[ Edited ]

Hello @agonistes,


besides the good questions and suggestions provided by @anja, here is my little bit of sand:


Your amin error is:

![CDATA[Failed to configure backup server on host: Host: Configuration Directory: /u01/app/SASConf/Lev1]]

Which basically means that the BackupServer ( configuration-directory\Levn\Backup ) under your Lev1 folder has a corrupted or not accessible configuration (xml) file.


So, as anja mentioned, it looks like something changed in your system, I would check it. Permissions? Anyone editing files? 

Another option is that this was caused after applying a hotfix. If that is the case, please read:


Hope it helps a bit.


Kind regards,





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Re: Backup Manager failing

Thank you very much for your reply Juan.


I have found that on our portal (which runs the Environment Manager) it has a SASConf/Lev1/Backup directory, but the metadata server has no Backup directory at all. Both are running the Deployment Manager Agent, but it seems to me that the metadata server should have that backup directory too.


Do you know if I can copy the directory and make appropriate modifications, or do I need to install it using the Deployment Manager.




Judson B. Tunnell

University of Victoria



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Re: Backup Manager failing



When you go to SASMC, Metadata Manager, Metadata Utilities, Server Backup: right click, Backup Configuration.

Does it just show "Backup" or a full path?




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Re: Backup Manager failing

Hi anja,


I really appreciate your assistance.


It just says Backups, no path.






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Re: Backup Manager failing



here is what you can try:

create - manually - a folder called "Backups" under \config dir\Lev1\SASMeta\MetadataServer


Then, in SASMC, Backup Config, instead of just backup, add the fully qualified path to the new backup location as

\config dir\Lev1\SASMeta\MetadataServer\Backups

and try the backup again (test all the ways you usually do it plus SASMC).


Do you have all the permissions to run batch jobs? Please remind me: are you on Unix or Win.

Win privileges come to mind, or, Unix permissions




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