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Automation Tools for SAS Platform

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Automation Tools for SAS Platform

Dear All,

Could some one suggest what is the best Automation Tool available in the market for SAS platform infrastructure please?

Basically looking for some tool that make it much easier to configure , maintain manage large and growing SAS infrastructures.

Aiming to  perform some of the tasks like:

Configuration management

Managing groups of servers

Running identical applications and services

Data centre orchestration etc.


Many thanks in advance for your inputs.


Kind regards,


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Re: Automation Tools for SAS Platform

Lets be very clear - if you are talking about configuring and maintaining SAS software and SAS Application servers you can only use SAS tools for that. SAS Environment Manager is one key tool here for monitoring and maintaining your SAS software along with SAS Management Console for configuring and administering.


On the hardware and operating system side of things, tools for managing these will be mostly governed by the type of hardware and what operating systems are being used. Most data centres already have tools in place for these. There is usually no need to go beyond the usual admin tools that your data centre uses unless you are adding new hardware, operating systems or architecture for which the current tools are not compatible.  

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