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Are you the new SASAdmin for the Linux SAS VA deployment?

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Are you the new SASAdmin for the Linux SAS VA deployment?

Many companies choose to implement SAS Visual Analytics in a Linux environment. With a distributed deployment, it’s the only choice but many chose this operating system because it reduces operating costs. If you are the newly chosen SAS platform administrator, you might be more versed in a Windows environment and feel intimidated by Linux.

Platform Administration 101

SAS platform administrators work with three main product areas. Each area provides a different functionality based on the task the administrator needs to perform. The following figure defines each area and provides a general overview of its purpose.

With any operating system, there is always a lot to learn. Just by knowing a few basic Linux commands, you can navigate the system and troubleshoot issues. As your confidence grows, you can increase the skills and command knowledge.

Learn more at SAS Global Forum

Join Nick Welke at the SAS Global Forum as he presents What? I am the Linux Administrator for SAS® Visual Analytics? This paper introduces basic Linux commands and provides methods for troubleshooting a SAS Visual Analytics environment.


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