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Alerting and stopping SAS sessions that use lots of resources

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Alerting and stopping SAS sessions that use lots of resources

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(Branching off from this topic about a custom task that lists/stops SAS sessions.)


Have used this task for a while and it is very helpful.


Looking for some extra information and not sure if it exists in metadata or where it can be found.  Looking for the name of the SAS program that the user and corresponding PID is actually running when this custom task is invoked and the reason follows.


Currently using SAS Environment Manager and will be creating alerts to monitor CPU usage and space used on the Compute\App server where the physical storage is located, (contains SAS programs, SAS data sets, etc.), mapped as F: and the workspace server with E: mapping.


When an alert is set off due to say CPU usage is now at 80% and the email is received indicating that fact then the next step here is to use this Custom Task to check current processes. 


Knowing the SAS program that a user is running and if that user is taking most of the CPU, would like to contact that user and possibly work with them on efficiency or performance tuning changes, or just check on what they are running, test or production, too many observations being read etc.


To summarize:

  • Is the program or process name (not just SASEG.exe) anywhere to be found so it can be displayed
  • For the SAS Process Details of the View SAS Spawned Processes can it show the amount of CPU that a specific user is using at the time (like a hybrid Task Manager view)
  • Do you have any other tasks or recommendations to get the lower level details of what a user is running - is this even stored anywhere (Compute\App, Metadata or Mid Tier) servers
  • The ultimate cool goal would be if an alert is set off in SAS Environment manager then
    • call a script that runs a SAS program (this PROC IOMOPERATE in the custom task) and email the output and check what user is taking the most CPU and then take appropriate action or keep monitoring the process
    • Have talked to one of the Technical Engineers on the SAS Technical Support team who has indicated the there is a way to call a script after an alert is set off and call a SAS program but do not have the details yet


Would appreciate any possible feedback or recommendations that you can provide.






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