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Add SAS Enterprise Miner JWS on whitelist

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Add SAS Enterprise Miner JWS on whitelist

Hi all,


I tried to access SAS Enterprise Miner using http://my-serverSmiley Tongueort/SASEnterpriseMinerJWS/Status but he following error appear:


You attempted to access a SAS application by using the following URL:

http://my-serverSmiley Tongueort/SASEnterpriseMinerJWS/main.jnlp

The URL has been blocked because it came from an untrusted site, which might be attempting a malicious attack. Please contact your SAS Administrator if you think the referring URL (http://my-serverSmiley Tongueort/SASEnterpriseMinerJWS/Status) should be allowed


I don't have SAS MC, so do you know where is define (in which file)  sas.web.csrf.referers.knownHost to alter manually ?



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Re: Add SAS Enterprise Miner JWS on whitelist

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Hello @MariaD,


whilst you could add the url to the whitelist, I do not think it the case for this problem. (this might help: )


I would rather recommend you to enable the download and execution of java applications for your intranet, ot from this site at least. You can do this from your browser or IE's settings regarding trusted sites. I guess you will need the support from your system administrators to enable this company-wide, or even in your computer if it is enforced.


PS If you access miner through https, you or your administrator will need to include the certificate chain to your browser's keychain and your SAS PrivateJRE certificate store.


Hope it helps



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