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9.4 server not running - How to start?

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9.4 server not running - How to start?

 Hi, I am brand new to the SAS administration world so please forgive any ignorance on my part.  I have no SAS programming background either.  I do have other tool administration experience in the Linux world, so that is how I got volunteered to be the SAS admin.


I have recently installed SAS 9.4 on a Linux VM.  The install went fine and I am able to run batch jobs with no problem.


However, when I try to connect using the SAS Management Console I get the following error:


Connection refused: connect
The application could not log on to the server "leustasas:8561". No server is available at that port on that machine.


From what I understand this message is telling me, I have not started the SAS server (listener?) and until I do that I will not be able to connect.  This is where my research has fallen flat.  I cannot figure out what command I need to run to start the server.  I do struggle with how the SAS documentation is laid out, but there is talk of getting me some training.  Soon, I hope...


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: 9.4 server not running - How to start?



this could be many things.


First, if you actually have a metadata server, as you daid, it could be that the sas service is not started.

Please go to your sas/Config/Lev1 and run ./sas.servers status.


Secondly, if it is started, and you still cannot log in:

1- try to run, from a command line: ping leustasas. If not working, then try with the full qualified name of leustasas. If this works, then on your connection you only need to replace the shortname by the full qualified hostname.


2- something else, as root, you can check (or ask your system admin) the iptables service (your linux firewall) if it is up and running, and if it is up and running you might need to check if you are actually able to connect, from the SAS Management Console computer, to the SAS Linux machine on the specified port.

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Re: 9.4 server not running - How to start?

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I must have more wrong that I thought. I don't have a sas.servers file to use. I have many similar files, but not that one as shown here:

[sas@leustasas /]$ find . -name 'sas.servers*' 2>/dev/null
[sas@leustasas /]$
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Re: 9.4 server not running - How to start?

Since you are able to run batch jobs, this means you have access to the UNIX commandline.



ps -ef|grep Meta

and you should get 3 processes, 2 shell scripts and the SAS process that runs the Metadata Server.

If not, as the user used during SAS installation, cd to


and run

./ start

This should get the Metadata Server up and running

You will most probably have to repeat the same for the Object Spawner

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Re: 9.4 server not running - How to start?

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Not looking good.  Does not appear I have anything running, nor do I have that exact in order to start it.



[sas@leustasas /]$ ps -ef|grep Meta
sas 29214 23108 0 08:15 pts/0 00:00:00 grep --color=auto Meta
[sas@leustasas /]$
[sas@leustasas /]$
[sas@leustasas /]$ find . -name '*' 2>/dev/null
[sas@leustasas /]$



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Re: 9.4 server not running - How to start?

Did you go through the configuration phase of the installation process as well? In a multi-tier environment, you'll typically go through a process like this:


Metadata Server: Install software -> Configure Metadata server

Application Server: Install Software -> Configure App server

Middle Tier Server: Install Software -> Configure Midtier applications


OR, are there multiple servers for your SAS environment?  Often you might have separate VMs for each tier, one for metadata, one for app tier, one for middle tier.

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Re: 9.4 server not running - How to start?

I Might be wrong, but I believe you have only SAS binaries, no metadata or object spawners yet.


When you are installing the software, you are prompted if you want to Install and/or Configure, and I believe you selected only Install


While you don;t have configured your software, you won;t have any service as Metadata or Application servers. Therefore, you cannnot connect with the SAS Management Console.


If you don't know how to configure SAS, pelase contact your SAS contact or you can read the guide:


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Re: 9.4 server not running - How to start?

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D'oh! I do not recall being asked about Configuring the Metadata server, App server, or Midtier applications. Now that I know what I am looking for, I'll go through the link provided and see if I can get the configuration done. I do have only the one Linux server for my SAS environment, so I'm hoping this won't be too daunting of a task.

Thanks for the quick responses and all the help on this!

FWIW, we have 9.3 installed for our production environment and planning to go to 9.4, hence my testing, but everyone who worked here during the 9.3 install are long gone and not a single bit of documentation can be found. Ugh...
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Re: 9.4 server not running - How to start?


Could you please share the status of below command from sas or sas installaer user.

./sas.servers status

Which user you are tying to connect with SAS Management console?

If you are able to login with sasadm@saspw user then there are some other problems.

If not then you didn't configured the application successfully.
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