Public repositories for SAS (Viya) scripts and projects

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Public repositories for SAS (Viya) scripts and projects

About SAS Viya, which is intended to be open and some GitHub initiatives are starting:


I am wondering if there is any location or plan in place, for SAS users and SAS teams to share open code, projects and utilities that can be useful for SAS, specially Viya, but also on the SAS 9 platform. Some examples of items that I am thinking about at this moment which could be of interest could be:


  • YML scripts to prepare pre-requisites for deployments, specially for starters with Ansible
  • YML scripts for administration of Viya
  • Scripts and utilities
  • Python code to create new CAS actions
  • Other kind of scripts, tools, web apps, etc, everything that can help people


Is there any current repository or plan to create such a location to share projects?


Thank you in advance!




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