New book - SAS Viya: The Python Perspective

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New book - SAS Viya: The Python Perspective

One of the most exciting aspects about SAS Viya as an analytics platform is its openness from other programming languages.  Python is a favorite tool of data scientists, and SAS Viya has some special libraries and hooks for Python programmers.


Viya PythonThis Python goodness is introduced and demonstrated in the new book, SAS Viya: The Python Perspective.  Written by @KevinSmith and @ximeng, this book addresses how to use Python to access the analytical methods at the core of SAS Viya -- SAS Cloud Analytic Services (or CAS).  


From the book, you'll learn how to:

  • Install the required components for accessing CAS from Python
  • Connect to CAS, load data, and run simple analyses
  • Work with CAS using APIs familiar to Python users
  • Learn about general CAS workflows and advanced features of the CAS Python client

As a companion to the book, there is a GitHub repository with all of the book's examples shared as Python notebooks (usable from a Jupyter Notebook environment).  You can also post questions here on the community.


Even if you don't (yet) have access to SAS Viya, this book and the GitHub repo can provide you with a preview of the Python experience for SAS Viya programmers. Check it out!



If you're a developer, you might also want to check out the oodles of SAS Viya API documentation that's now available on the "SAS for Developers" site.  You'll find doc for Python, Java, Lua, REST, and more.

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